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The mission of L’école Mondiale is to provide the best possible education as also to mould strong religious and moral character of our younger generations. We aim to produce talented youngsters who would distinguish themselves by their knowledge, competence, religious, humanitarian and moral standards. The pupils are groomed to approach all types of problems in a positive and constructive manner, to respond to the requirements of an ever-changing world, to show tolerance and respect to others and to serve their religion, society, country and humanity in the most befitting manner.


Our vision is to open new horizons for our future generations to make them intellectually and technologically compatible with the rapidly transforming global community while maintaining true Islamic values and norms in their lives.

At L’école Mondiale we lead by example, with our staff modelling the values of modesty, good manners, compassion, respect for others, self, and the respect for all environments. We know that providing the best possible start helps to ensure lifelong learning success. This is why we place great emphasis on ensuring that children feel secure and happy from day one.

We aim to develop a positive learning environment for our students in collaboration with their families through active parent participation programmes. A comprehensive curriculum is implemented in the school. Teachers undergo continuous professional development and training to ensure educational outputs of the highest standard.

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