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Our professional resume-writing service has helped over 6,000+ professionals land more interviews and get hired faster.

features of professional resume


Professional Resume made by our Experts is ATS Friendly which mean that your CV is capable for online job application & it will rank on top when searched online.


A smart header is made specially according to candidate's background which highlights all the skills, educational background, last held positions & other certifications. Recruiters love this section and help them to shortlist the candidate immediately.


A special button is added on the top of Professional Resume which gives access to the LinkedIn Profile of the applicant. It will earn more access to your online information and help you get hired faster.


Professional Resume made by Resume Expert is enriched with top skills keywords which helps in online search of resume. Also, a chronological employment history section is made for quick review of the employers.


Our Resume Experts re-writes and re-designs your CV wherever required with ZERO grammatical or punctuation mistakes. It boosts your impression in the eyes of the employers.

Professional Resume making


Choose from a variety of uniquely formatted Professional Resumes or let our expert select the best format for you. Every resume made by our expert is different from another one as it is made according to the candidate profile.


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career basic

For Fresh Graduates

Rs 2,000


This package is for Rs. 3,000

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This package is for Rs.4,000

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This package is for Rs. 5,500

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This package is for Rs. 6,500

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For Executives & Managers

Rs 3,000


This package is for Rs. 4,000

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This package is for Rs. 5,000

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This package is for Rs. 6,500

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This package is for Rs. 7,500

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For HoDs, VPs & CXO

Rs 4,000


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This package is for Rs. 8,500

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a professionally written resume?

When you work with a resume writing service, you’re investing in a quicker job search and a more fruitful and satisfying career. To have job search success, your resume has to appeal to both the resume scanning software and the hiring manager — or else you risk getting lost in the “resume black hole”, where your job application is dismissed without consideration because of your resume.

A professionally written resume

Helps you find a job faster

Candidates using resumes rewritten by Resume Experts have proven to be 3 times more likely to secure a new job than those using a self-written resume.

Get noticed more

Job seekers using Professional Resume are interviewed 2 to 3 times more often than those using self-written resumes.

Makes you more valuable in the eyes of recruiters

Recruiters valued candidates with professionally written resumes to be worth 7% more than when assessed using their self-written versions. With a professionally written resume, you can help ensure your next position will come with a bigger paycheck.

The resume writing process begins with us getting to know you and learning about your history and career goals. Once we’ve learned more about you, we’ll match you with a writer knowledgeable about your industry.

Your writer collaborates with you on a first draft, which will be delivered to you in about 2 working days. Then, you’ll have time to provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions.

Overall, the resume writing process typically takes one week. You can learn more about what to expect when working with a Professional Resume writer.

We have a writer network that includes certified career coaches, former and current recruiters, and professionals with specialized experience in over 60 industries. This ensures we can pair each client with someone who is a strong match for their needs.

Only 5% of candidates who apply to be a Professional Resume Writer are hired; Pak Jobs Portal recruits and vets our writers based upon the value they can bring to our clients.

Our resume-writing process is completely confidential and collaborative between the writer and the client.

All communication with your writer is done via Business WhatsApp & e-email. You would prefer telephone communication with your writer, you can talk to him while developing your Professional Resume.

Professionally written resume get results. Our team of professional resume writers are trained to position you as an achiever, which will help you find a job faster.

If you are not receiving two times more job interviews within 60 days of receiving your professionally-written resume, we will write it again one time, free-of-charge. You must notify us in writing within 180 days of receiving your final copy.

We have all the convenience in terms of payments. Pakistani Nationals can pay via EasyPasia, JazzCash or Direct Bank Transfer. While International clients can pay us via Credit Card or order our services on Fiverr.

Yes, we do support our clients in their job placement by the following methods.

  • We have developed WhatsApp Jobs Groups where all jobs posted on Pak Jobs Portal and LinkedIn are shared.
  • If any employer is looking for a candidate that matches your profile, we automatically forward your resume to the employer. Thi service is total free of cost.

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