Sales Manager Required | Automobile Industry

1) Formulate and execute short-term, middle-term and long-term business plan for Pakistan Market

2) Formulate and execute annual, quarter, and monthly sales target for electric vehicles (Passenger Vehicle, bus, coach, truck, forklift, three-wheeler and its battery)

3) Responsible for regional business development, customer channel development, and regional operation of electric vehicles

4) Formulate and execute the sales & marketing strategy for company’s electric vehicles

5) Develop and maintain the relationship with Group Customer

6) Participate various kinds of seminars, exhibitions, etc, analyze the industry and business trend and setting corresponding plan

7) Input the requirement of product and customers in Pakistan to Headquarter, to develop the appropriate product and strategies with assistance from headquarter

8) Collect and analyze competitors, formulating corresponding marketing and product strategy

9) Follow and analyze local electric vehicle policies, set corresponding product and market strategy

10) Follow the electric vehicle tenders and organize team to prepare for the tender

11) Set the tendering strategy together with headquarter and organize team to submit all required documents

12) Responsible for business negotiation with customer

13) Execute the signing of sales contract, purchase order and payments


Must have experience of intoducing autombile brands in the country

Experience of tender handling

Minimum 5 years experience in same capacity

Must be from automobile industry

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